Creating anti-bullying resources for primary school teachers to use in the classroom.

We believe that when children feel safe, to be who they are, they learn better. We have developed these materials to help teachers explore the issue of bullying with children, in a gentle and non-threatening way.

When children feel afraid or anxious, for whatever reason, they can shut down or act out. It is normal for some children to be more introverted and for others to be more extroverted. However certain situations and interactions can stress children causing them to disconnect from their true feelings and/or change their behaviour in such a way that it can cause upset to themselves or others. Some children can become withdrawn and others can become disruptive.

We believe in building children’s confidence from the inside out. Boosting children’s confidence and developing their natural strengths and abilities gives them a better chance of succeeding in school and in life. We would like to support primary school teachers and have developed an anti-bullying resource called ‘Just Because You Can.’

Just Because You Can’ is part of the Bing and Frank series of story books aimed at building children’s confidence and self esteem. In this particular story, the two main characters, Bing and Frank (two lovable dogs), offer support and guidance to a lamb that is being bullied by a goat. The story is told in a gentle, supportive manner. The message shared is that it is better to use your strength to help others rather than to hurt them. The aim of the story is not to blame but to open up dialogue in the classroom, and to offer other options for handling aggressive behaviour. The story supports the child being bullied and the bully. The story book is accompanied by an exercise book, colouring book and posters.

These anti-bullying resources can help with:

  • Personal development and mutual understanding
  • Literacy
  • Communication skills
  • Social skills
  • Implementing an Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Empowering pupils

I have loved reading it and so has my granddaughter

"I have loved reading it and so has my granddaughter Keira who is eight. You can really sense the relationship between Bing and Frank ( and Paris) and the stories are gentle. The messages you are trying to get across are so important. Keira has been inspired to write her own stories too."

Debbie O’Neill

Educational Resources

The ‘Just Because You Can‘ package can be used to engage different primary school age groups. There is a storybook that can be read to the younger children and given to the older children to read for themselves. There is also a activity / exercise book and a colouring book to accompany the story book.


  • Story Book

    A storybook for the teacher to read to the class.

  • Activity Book

    Questions to help the children explore the messages within the storybook.

  • Colouring book

    A colouring book to allow children to further engage with the messages in the storybook.

  • Visual additions

    A selection of stickers and posters for the classroom.

We are interested in supporting children’s health and well-being. Our stories are developed to boost children’s confidence and self-esteem.
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